Reviews - Diego's New America

Beauty and Book

 Diego shows wisdom beyond his age when he realizes that there is no reason he needs to choose just one country. Diego’s New America is the place we need her to be, for the sake of our children and for one another. If you ever felt like you were dwelling in the in between, that is Diego’s New America. If you ever felt like you had to choose, New America is you. Welcome, you are whole here! 

Pamela Kramer, Reviewer

 Perhaps the biggest surprise about “Diego’s New America” is that kids really love to read it! Although it’s a picture book, fourth graders enjoyed it a lot. One student wrote, “Me gustó porque aprendí nuevas comidas” (I liked it because I learned new foods.) They also enjoyed hearing about the different cultures. yourself, let folks know.




Linda Marzullo said on November 5, 2017:

A fun story to read with a young child. It’s great for children to see that there are so many cultures in one family. It shows that each nationality is unique but can easily blend into a happy family. Very timely considering the tensions in our society right now.

Angela Janisch said on November 3, 2017:

Love this book! It teaches children about traditions and cultural differences. It's message is to be proud of who you are and where you come from. Congratulations, great job!

Sandy Bogdas said on November 3, 2017:

Congrats! Your story has an important message. I can’t wait for my little grandson to be old enough to understand the story.

John F Janisch said on November 3, 2017:

Today, in our country especially, it's all about diversity & acceptance. I believe this message should be taught early in child developement. Diego's New America shows children, & their parents that read them the book, how to be proud of & celebrate their diverse cultural heritage.

Julie bauer said on November 3, 2017:

What a great book! I can not wait to read it to my grand daughters!!

Tamika Lecheé Morales said on November 2, 2017:

I love the concept of this book especially because of the world that we live in where diversity is everywhere and generally by second and third generations children lose their cultural identity and traditions.This story highlights the beautiful salad bowl of America and the necessity of knowing your history, traditions and culture and seeing the beauty of your uniqueness.

Sarah S. said on October 31, 2017:
My class loved hearing your book! They are so excited to know an author!

Stacey Finnegan said on October 30, 2017:
I loved this book! Amazing writing and definitely a great way to teach kids about accepting others :)

Denise Lockwald said on October 27, 2017:
Bought the book for my grandson, and he loved hearing the story. The storyline is so real and the illustrations are colorful! Great book!

Miriam Karger said on October 27, 2017:
I read your book to my class and they were amused with your story. They loved it !

Marla Perfect said on October 23, 2017:'s great to have culturally relevant books for our dual language students.

Lucy Grimm said on October 18, 2017:
Neat story. congrats and good luck